Distributor of petroleum and lubricant products



Our Services

Our company provides the following services to all our customers. They are: accounts, sales and logistics management. The staff is committed to ensure timely management and delivery of the products in the suitable packaging required. To enhance our quality of our oil products, we are determined to comply to new Euro 5 and 6 diesel to meet with the current and ever-changing needs of environmental-friendly diesel engines.


The accounts department solely takes care of customer account set-up, call and orders and billing information.


We have a dynamic force of sales team who are always ready to discuss and consult with you on the types of diesels and lubricants that are suitable for your needs. Customer service is our highest priority in Ming Hup. The sale of our products is just the start of a partnership we build with every customer. Our sales team consists of well-trained personnel who will personally ensure the finest after-sales service, recommendations on product upgrading and advice on the right oil for different jobs.


The logistics team comprises of the respective units, to safely carry and transport petroleum products according to the safety standards set out by governing authorities. Our logistics personnel received annual training on safe handling and delivery of petroleum products. Furthermore, our vehicles are constantly monitored using recommended GPS tracking for security purposes.


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