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Taking Care Of Your Vehicle

A motor vehicle has to go through a series of timely servicing or after the vehicle has travelled a certain distance through the lifetime duration of usage. These service appointments are usually booked with the workshop pertaining to the vehicle manufacturers’ models. Some cars are service-tracked based on the servicing booklet while others are reflected through service reminders placed electronically by on-board vehicle panels.

Some of these maintenance tasks may involve when the vehicle is in the workshop for maintenance such as: Change the engine oil, top up brake fluid, top up power steering fluid, top up automatic transmission fluid, add grease and coolant.

Periodical maintenance is advised to upkeep the vehicles’ operating efficiency and to reduce the rate of breakdowns due to lapsed or delayed servicing. To protect against the effects of the environment from causing wear and tear, it is recommended to using our premium products to preserve and restore the reliability of your vehicle.

Combustion Of Oil In Engines And Furnaces

The action of complete oil combustion is achieved through the process called atomization. The oil is broken up into fine mist and mix evenly with a large quantity of air. Steam or pressured air is used to break up the oil into fine mist to ensure complete combustion with air within an engine or furnace system. We provide the oil that is commonly used in heavy vehicles, equipment, machinery, boilers and furnaces.


In the past, the oil injected quantity and the mix of air during the injection process is achieved mechanically. With the use of electronic system embedded into most heavy vehicles, equipment, machinery, boilers and furnaces, the electronic system is able to better control process parameters from factors such as temperature, pressure, sensors, speed of movement and load distribution.